Songtext_This is not the End

This is not the end
Now you say the signs are there
No one can’t ignore that the end will come
but who is free from guilt?
even you with your white armour on
can not hide from the truth
and you know that it will be too late
so blind you cannot see
on the other side of the road I’ll wait
I don’t know, why you cannot understandt
that this is not the end
You still keep telling those lies
that the sky will burn, the earth will fall
but open up your eyes
I will wait for you if it’s not too late
Did you see me standing there, for I know you never care
will you regret all those lies at the end?
realizing it’s too late, no more longer I will wait
You’ll be left behind with no one to believe in your faith
©2012 SNU:MeN